Guildford – Congestion Capital of Europe?

Guildford – Congestion Capital of Europe?

Guildford – Congestion Capital of Europe? 1920 1440 admin

Guildford Vision Group has heard many horror stories about Guildford’s traffic – Peter Studdert, former Chief Planner at Cambridge City Council, told our launch meeting that he was horrified to be confronted by a motorway passing through the town when he arrived at Guildford Station.

The Surrey Advertiser reported recently that Guildford is among the most congested centres in Europe ( and, as if it were not already bad enough to have Guildford’s image tarnished in that way, a video report ( makes it all too clear that we could become a laughing stock.

Whilst there is some humour in the latter clip, messages like this will begin to affect Guildford’s ability to attract businesses, investment and visitors.  If it is unresolved (or, on the basis of the proposed developments at the York Road ( and at the Main Station (, if it is allowed to get even worse) Guildford will suffer.  Our quality of life as residents, workers, students, visitors, etc., will deteriorate.

The Council needs to pay attention.  Guildford Borough Council and Surrey County Council should be fully engaged in this process.  Guildford Vision Group has expressed its concerns and it stands ready to help in any way it can to promote dialogue and to help commission whatever studies need to be undertaken to come up with a long-term solution to Guildford’s traffic nightmare.