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We want Guildford town centre to be a thriving destination for all its residents and visitors, including a great riverside for all to enjoy. We want to achieve this with a proper plan that respects our heritage and incorporates great public spaces and green areas as well as clean, safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists. The plan must also provide for new homes, offices, shops, services and improved transport connections.

Unlike current development in Guildford – which happens piece by piece and doesn’t take into account other opportunities – a formal town centre plan will mean that everything fits together in the best way possible. It will create a less polluted town centre that functions effectively, efficiently and safely.

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More pedestrian-only space in the town centre

New public space, including squares and green space, and a reinvigorated riverside

Redirection of traffic away from the town centre

An integrated transport hub for rail and road

More town-centre housing for all

A new, improved east-west link across the river

Help us help Guildford

We are encouraging Guildford Borough Council to consider our ideas. However, the council has not yet approved the most important element to make the plan work – a new road crossing that will help carry the traffic around the town centre, rather than through it.

We need the support of Guildford’s community to persuade the council that this must be considered if we’re to meet our objectives. Once you’ve seen our proposals, you can have your say in the future of our town – either by expressing your support in writing (by letter, email or social media) or by writing to your councillor directly.

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The #GVG masterplan provides around 2,000 more brownfield homes in the town centre than the number included in the Council's Local Plan. Find out more: https://t.co/ksW3RVlMGs

#Guildford's Local Plan inspection has finished. Find out what GVG thinks: https://t.co/r1O4wqZqaW #towncentre

We want to use brownfield sites to provide a higher number of smaller properties, ideal for key worker and #sharedownership affordable housing. Find out more about how our masterplan could change Guildford: https://t.co/ksW3RVlMGs #gvg

We welcome a new town centre policy. Find out more about the council's plans for #Guildford: https://t.co/r1O4wqZqaW #localplan #gvg

#GVG looking forward to contributing to new Town Centre policy called for by Local Plan Inspector. GVG has already responded to new GBC draft. Work in progress.

#GVG at GBC local plan examination: Good session for us yesterday. Our point that new housing should start with Town Centre picked up by other groups, e.g. GRA etc. Interesting to see what direction Inspector eventually gives GBC. Development must be masterplanned, not piecemeal.

#GVG at GBC local plan examination: Inspector does not get sense of a proactive approach to town centre by GBC. Suggesting there should be mention of, e.g. Area Action Plan in Local Plan. Asking GBC to think on his comments. Music to GVG's ears!

#GVG at GBC local plan examination: Inspector pushes GBC to prove they have 'left no stone unturned' in looking at potential housing sites in town centre. GBC struggling to answer. #guildford #localplan #affordablehousing

#GVG at GBC local plan examination: GVG makes the case for more residential development in the town centre, calling for a masterplan to drive sensitive, sustainable development. #guildford #localplan #affordablehousing

#GVG at GBC local plan examination: Wisley appeal dismissal just announced will surely have impact on housing delivery in Local Plan, especially much needed affordable homes. See GVG's plan on our website https://t.co/VGZaWpbAvP #guildford #localplan #affordablehousing

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