20120929 Thanks

20120929 Thanks

20120929 Thanks 1920 1440 admin

A big thank you to everyone who came to our open workshop today (which turned out to be even more open than planned – outside St Marys church off the High Street on a beautiful day).

A lot of excellent feedback – all comments matter and will be gathered together to provide a record of the event and will be used to help inform us of our next steps. We will also make sure that the Council has a set of data and we hope that they will recognise the value and, frankly, the need for a wider, more comprehensive exercise.

Allies and Morrison gave their time to us and John Rigg organised with them to produce some excellent graphics which served to show some examples of just what could be possible with the wider community and with proper professional master planners.

Thanks once again to you all and to our volunteers and to St Marys.