Your Vote Matters

Your Vote Matters

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The time to vote in the Local Elections is fast approaching, particularly for those voting by post – your form should either be with you or arrive in the next few days. GVG reflects many political views, we even have members standing for opposing parties locally; and certainly different views on National politics.

As a group we are united on key principles that affect our town and borough.

Sadly, we do need to assume that the deeply flawed Local Plan, which as a group we have long questioned, will be adopted on the 25th April.

We would hope that all of you who support or are interested in GVG will judge candidates on the following principles. Our ideal candidate would be committed to:
1. Revising the plan at the earliest opportunity to:
• Mitigate use of Green Field and Green Belt land.
• Revise the Local Plan commitment to a 37% overprovision of Housing to the 20% required by planning regulations.o
2. Ensuring plans for Strategic sites comply with Infrastructure Provision requirements and limit as far as possible Greenbelt encroachment.
3. Ensuring that sites nominated for Master planning in the Town Centre and Urban area (Bedford Wharf, North Street, Stoke Park) are considered in totality. North Street and Bedford Wharf, in particular, need an aligned spatial strategy (e.g. Where should a rebuilt Cinema be located?)
4. Bringing forward with energy, and consultation with the public, key documents that support the local plan for the town centre (Town Regeneration Strategy and Supplementary Planning Documents)
5. Bringing forward plans for the town centre to open up the riverside, separate modes of transport, including more pedestrianisation, and intervene to reduce traffic congestion
6. Effectively engaging with other bodies e.g. Network Rail, Highways Agency, SCC etc to create plans to develop our infrastructure.