Guildford – Congestion Capital of Europe?

Guildford – Congestion Capital of Europe? 1920 1440 admin

Guildford Vision Group has heard many horror stories about Guildford’s traffic – Peter Studdert, former Chief Planner at Cambridge City Council, told our launch meeting that he was horrified to be confronted by a motorway passing through the town when he arrived at Guildford Station.

The Surrey Advertiser reported recently that Guildford is among the most congested centres in Europe ( and, as if it were not already bad enough to have Guildford’s image tarnished in that way, a video report ( makes it all too clear that we could become a laughing stock. read more

Bill Stokoe (9th April 2012 – Surrey Ad)

Bill Stokoe (9th April 2012 – Surrey Ad) 1920 1440 admin

What’s in a name?

Council officers have proposed to Councillors that the ‘Town Centre Masterplan’ be re-named the ‘Town Centre Framework’. The ‘Framework’, by their own admission the narrowest interpretation of what was to be the Masterplan, is to be adopted as an ‘Interim’ version by the Executive in mid-July.

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Guildford Town Centre Masterplan needs rethinking

Guildford Town Centre Masterplan needs rethinking 1920 1440 admin

I write with reference to the Council’s invitation to respond to consultation on the Town Centre Masterplan. (

My proposition can be stated simply: Guildford is currently falling a long way below its potential, and the opportunity should be taken now to have an imaginative plan prepared that will raise its standing in the eyes of residents and the world.

Guildford has great assets: it has a beautiful downland setting; its origins go back at least to Saxon times and it has many historic buildings and attractive quarters; it is the county town of Surrey. It is a prosperous town, and generally recognised as a good place to live. It hosts a number of global businesses; and was famously ranked 12th best place to live in the UK by a Channel 4 programme in 2007. read more